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January 19, 2006

Another year, another, uh, dollar?

Well, it's another year.
Anyway, I'm mainly writing this entry so that this page isn't blank.
I changed the template; added links to the PHP install guide and the colormatch page on the side. Well, that's cool, but in order to display them, I had to rebuild the page. I accidentally rebuilt the whole site, resulting in my previous posts being relegated to the archives, with the front page left blank.
You can check out the new links over there ------------------------>
Rather than having a blank front page, I figured I'd post some inane dribble to fill space.

I should actually post some more useful content based on some of the work I've been doing recently.
I'm just wrapping up a web service written in Java, hosted on an Oracle Application Server. I wrote an SDK for client-side use, and one of our clients is writing a PHP-based client using PHP 5's new SOAP implementation. The project has been much longer than anticipated, mainly because of unforseen bugs and glitches with both the Oracle SOAP server platform and the PHP client-side SOAP implementation.
I'll work up another post related to that...

Posted by Peter at January 19, 2006 08:58 PM